She Took Picture Frames, Wood, And Glue To Make The Coolest Shelves. I Love This!

Picture frames are so versatile. You can usually buy a bunch for pretty cheap at a thrift store, and they look even cooler if they don’t match. Spray paint those bad boys, and you have a cool picture frame collage to spice up your walls. But if you need shelf space, and you like picture frames, you might as well throw in the towel. Just kidding, you might as well make these super easy picture frame shelves!

Gather your supplies:

  • Wood glue
  • Tape measure
  • Hand saw
  • Nail Gun
  • Picture frames
  • Scrap boards measured 1×4
  • Whatever colors of paint you want!

Step 1:

Start with some old frames. Take out the glass and the backing, and any hardware on the back, so you just have a blank frame. Measure both sides of the frame.

Step 2:

Next, you’ll need some 1×4 boards. Scrap will work because you’re going to paint them. You will make two cuts for each side. Each frame will be different, so just cut yours to size.

Step 3:

Next, add a strip of wood glue.

Step 4:

Use your nail gun to make a box from these 4 pieces, using 3 nails on each corner.

Step 5:

So far, it should look like a shadow box.

Step 6:

Next, use your wood glue again and prepare to glue the box on the backside. Then use your nail-gun (using 1 1/4″ nails) again to secure the frame from the front as well.

Step 7:

 So far, this is what it should look like. Next step: painting!

Step 8:

Before painting, use just a dab of wood filler to cover your nail holes. And then spray paint using whatever colors you like!

Step 9:

Once they’re dry, you’re ready to hang them up! You can use Command strips to hang them. Use about 3 large strips per shelf. 

Successfully Complete Your Picture Framing Project

When it comes to making a picture frame, whether you are a newbie or an experienced framer, you will always look for a way that can let you save money. Making the picture frame yourself isn’t always easy but if you have the right tools and equipment for picture framing in Portland OR, then you can perform this job really well. Buying the right tools and gears is not going to break your bank as long as you can get them from the best sources.

Tips on saving money on picture framing
1. It is not always a compulsion to buy the brand new equipment and tools; you can also buy old tools. You can visit an old shop or visit the weekend markets to find cheap supplies. It is not a compulsion that you will find high quality supplies from this source so be careful what you are buying.

2. Keep in mind that the tools needed by a professional framer will largely differ from that of the person who makes picture frames just for fun. Some professionals lease the equipment and some buy them because they will need them on frequent basis. So if you are just a hobbyist, don’t purchase professional equipment otherwise it will cost you a lot of money.

Essential components for picture framing
For picture framing in Portland, you will need 3 important things. First thing is the moulding, which is meant for enhancing the photo or the artwork. If the moulding is good, it is going to compliment the whole artwork because it helps in showing what’s inside the frame. You need to get such a frame that is actually complimenting the picture. Or any Frame Shop Portland OR can get it done for you.

The second essential component is that mat. This is meant to add a border around the artwork but it fits inside the frame. The mat must always be lighter than the art but it needs to be darker than the wall. You can find them in different textures and paper and it all depends on what looks good with the frame. If you have a vintage photo then you are going to need an acid free mat. This will let you preserve your photo for a long time. This mat will provide you a lot of benefit in the long run, so don’t neglect choosing the best one.

The third important component is the glass that will come on top of the frame. This is one of the most crucial things for picture framing in Portland. You can either choose regular glass or acrylic glass depending on the type of your artwork. If you want heavy protection then acrylic glass is what you need but if you want a light weighted picture then you will be good with the regular glass. If you want more protection then you can always get the UV filter coating on the glass.

You can complete your project of picture framing in Portland in the best possible way if you follow the instructions and tips mentioned here.


Do you have some blank walls you would love to fill up with picture frames but you don’t have any expensive artwork to frame? Like the idea of using picture frames to decorate your home but don’t know what to frame? Need some wall decor inspiration? Well luckily I have compiled a list of different picture frame ideas to give you some inspiration and hopefully some direction in your wall decorating project.


If you love nature, here are a couple picture frame ideas to create beautiful and serene wall art:

To get this look: Buy a variety of different nature prints of different sizes, frame them with a combination of different picture frames, and create a gallery wall

To get this look: Buy matching prints of the same size, frame with matching picture frames, and create a grid-like gallery wall.


You could keep it simple and just go on the search for one large piece of art. By far the simplest of picture frame ideas!


What better to showcase than your own family? If your looking for a personal picture frame idea this one is for you!


This idea is great for a nursery!

To get this look:

  • Order wooden letters (you can get them at Craftcuts)
  • Once you recieve the letters, lay them out on the floor and measure the size you would like your picture frame to be
  •  Order a custom picture frame in that size with no glazing or backing (just the frame). I would go with a wood picture frame from Frames 4 Less


What will inspire you daily?


Skip the art altogether and hang empty picture frames!


Showcase your favorite city by framing a map!


By framing a chalkboard you can get different looks on different occasions. You can draw on it, write on it…. the sky is the limit! (Search chalkboard design on Pinterest for tons of ideas!)

Tip: To frame a chalkboard order a custom frame with no glazing. Make sure the rabbeth is larger than the thickness of your chalkboard.


What better art is there than your own reflection?


Are you feeling creative? Do you just love DIY’s? You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to make your own artwork! There are tons of neat Do-It-Yourself art projects all over Pinterest. This can definately be the biggest budget saver while still looking classy!

All this is missing is the frame. Once you finish your DIY art project, just build your own custom picture frame to match it!

When decorating your walls the sky is the limit. There are countless ways to showcase your personality on your blank walls. If you have any other awesome picture frame ideas please comment below and I’m more than happy to answer any questions!

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